Take your content marketing from meh to yeah!

You know when you publish a piece of content and you’re like, “meh, that’ll do”, but you’re secretly cringing, knowing it could be so much better but you haven’t got the time or the skills to make something totally sweeet? Yeah, that SUCKS!

It’s my mission to make people like you feel more awesome about their video marketing.

My natural inquisitiveness and passion for creating stuff throughout my career has taken me into the world of graphic design, coding, writing, video editing and more, and so I bring to the table a power-combo of marketing consultancy and digital ‘techspertise’ (if you cringed a little bit at that too, I think we can be friends).

How Can I Help You?

When it comes to creating video – I like to think about what happens before, during and after recording. I can help you with any part of this process, to get the best out of your equipment, your personality, and your performance on camera.


I can help advise you on your technical set-up, strategy, and can coach you one-on-one on your performance on camera. This is all about helping you become the best you can be in your video marketing.


If you need someone on-hand to step behind the camera, you can concentrate on what you do best: creating your content and communicating with your customers and clients.

Video Editing

Using the raw footage you’ve filmed, or I’ve helped you produce, I then edit your footage together, resulting in a ready-to-publish, polished piece of video content.

I help content creators like you make the most of your video marketing efforts

Got a specific video question or problem?

Not sure where to start, or have a burning video question? Shoot me a message and I’ll see how I can help.

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