2018: Radlad 2.0

  Ever reached a point where months after you’ve made a big decision, that you thought you KNEW was the right one, you realise you’ve made a bit of a mistake? Yeah, that feeling. In too deep. It’s too late. You failed. Those deep-in-the-gut feelings where something isn’t right – and you have to make another decision. Again. FFS. The … Read More

Video Length: How Long Should My Videos Be?

Hey there, video marketers and vloggers – this is one of the first questions I’ve heard over and over. Should my video be under a certain length of time? What’s the best length for a marketing video? However you cut it, the plain and simple fact is that your video should be as long as it needs to be. It’s my belief … Read More

How CMA Live Changed My Life

Pre-S: In this post, I talk a lot about the CMA and CMA Live. It’s worth mentioning that I am not affiliated with CMA, nor do I receive any kickbacks or perks for referring people to the community or to buy tickets for the live conference. If you are interested in attending CMA Live 2018, there is currently (at the … Read More

How design can make content better?

First off, to answer this question I need to make one thing clear: the design is not the thing. It’s the thing that makes the thing the thing. If you’re confused – let me put this into context. There’s a very good chance that at some point you’ve stumbled upon a website, some printed material, or some other piece of content … Read More

On brevity

I think people have a tendency to overcomplicate things. Whether it’s in life in general, or solving problems, I like to believe the simplest solution is usually the best. The same applies to the written word. I am often guilty myself of going on a full-no-holds-barred-stream-of-consciousness-that-goes-on-forever-and-encapsulates-every-tiny-thought-that’s-going-through-my-brain-oh-look-there’s-a-bird-outside rampage of words, and I think that’s because my brain seems to act faster … Read More