Video Editing

Lights. Camera. Traction!

Maybe you're struggling to find the time to edit your videos, or you've produced some video in the past and you're not happy with the results. If you want to produce awesome video content marketing I can help you make the most of your efforts – and most importantly – your time.

I take your raw video content, and turn it into something you can be proud to publish.

Step 1:

You share your content (via Dropbox, Google Drive etc.)

Step 2:

I edit everything together

Step 3:

You hit publish when you're happy

Need Help with Filming?

If you’re stuck with setting up your equipment, or you’re feeling a bit lost with any of the technical aspects of producing your own videos, I can help you with one-to-one filming sessions.

My standard day rate is £750 +VAT (plus travel costs where required).

I’ve produced all sorts of videos for my clients, like speaker reels, event trailers and more. If you have a project you’d like to discuss with me – let’s chat!

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How much does video editing cost?

The costs of working with a video editor can ramp up pretty quickly. Like a lot of design and editing work, the longer something takes, the more it will cost. But what if you want to plan out a series? How do you plan and budget your project?

I wanted to create a package that is easy to understand and scale for content creators, so you can go into working together knowing how much everything will cost on a weekly or monthly basis, or for the length of your project.

Video Edit Credits

Rad edit credits are fairly simple: one credit = one completed video edit.

However, I need to make something really clear – that doesn’t mean aspiring filmmakers can send their feature-length masterpieces to me in exchange for a credit. That would be insane.

I work with content marketers who generally produce:

    Face-to-camera pieces of content that discuss questions, problems, ideas (or anything relating to your product or service)
    Again, these are generally face-to-camera videos, walking students through a particular lesson. These might include accompanying slides, additional video content or screenshots.
  • VLOGS:
    Like blogs, but on video. A vlog is generally more of a personal video – it might not have a specific marketing message addressing customers’ problems, but gives people an insight into the life of you as a person

Edit Credit Packages

1 Credit


  • Edited with Graphics, titles and branding
  • Made to suit your purpose + audience
  • Uploaded to YouTube/Vimeo etc.

8 Credits


  • Edited with Graphics, titles and branding
  • Made to suit your purpose + audience
  • Uploaded to YouTube/Vimeo etc.
  • Populate online video titles, descriptions and tags
    (provided by you in advance)
  • BONUS: One hour Live Coaching call included


I have a couple of important notes around the criteria that your content needs to match in order to qualify for edit credits. These are designed to keep the process as slick as possible for both of us.

VIDEO LENGTH: The maximum length of the unedited footage must be under 20 minutes, and the finished edit length must be under 15 minutes.

NUMBER OF FILES: It might take you 27 attempts to get the perfect take, but I will accept no more than 10 separate video files, and 10 accompanying media files (e.g. audio, images, slides etc.). It’s no help to either of us to have to review content that you know won’t make it into the final edit.

EDITING REQUIRED: Your videos should need no more than cutting out what I call ‘fluff’ (umms, ahhs, extra long pauses or those moments when you look away from the camera to have a think to yourself), and polishing up your performance.

If your project falls outside of these parameters – for example, you need something cut to be in-sync with music, or you require lots of complex graphics, I can sometimes make allowances, but these will be priced on a case-by-case basis. If you’re unsure about anything, the best thing to do is to book a call with me to discuss your editing requirements.


What If I Need More Credits?

For clients who purchase an initial 4 or 8 credit package, additional credits can be purchased in blocks of 4 thereafter for £280 +VAT (£70 +VAT per credit).


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