Videography & Coaching

Sometimes 'Good Enough' isn't Good Enough. Maybe you've already tried filming yourself on camera – do you watch what you've produced and cringe a little? Or, perhaps you've been thinking about getting on camera but the whole setup and filming process has you totally bamboozled.

Producing video is hard work, but I can help you make this whole process so much easier. And not only that, with my coaching you'll get better results on camera.

It's my belief that everyone can be good on camera, and that your best performance is hiding away under your own fears, doubts, and inhibitions. And with my help, you'll find it!

What Does a Video Coaching Session Look Like?

There’s no one-size-fits-all process as everyone is different, but for the most part it goes a little something like this…

  • Initial Chat

    We’ll go over the plan for the day – what you want to get out of it, what content you want captured, and what your overall goals are

  • Gear Setup

    I’ll assess the space that we have to work with, and set up my cameras, lights, and microphones to produce the best image and sound we can. If we have multiple angles we can work with, even better!

  • Start Filming!

    We’ll pick a video to start you off with and we’ll just get going. Usually clients choose an ‘easy’ video to begin with, and this gives you a chance to warm to the camera and get comfortable.

  • Critical Feedback

    Don’t fear – this isn’t a drill seargant grilling, and I’ll do my best to make sure there aren’t tears! During filming I’ll observe your performance and try to find ways to bring out the best in you, with critiques and constructive, practical advice for you to put into place. Acting as your director, putting myself into the eyes and ears of your viewers and your customers, I’ll advise on the best way to say what you’re trying to communicate. We’ll keep the camera rolling, and we’ll keep going until you nail your messaging.

    This isn’t about making it harder for you, but helping you get over your performance roadblocks and work through any clunkiness.

  • The Magic Happens*

    (*Not actual magic – sorry!) With my guidance you’ll get through your video production objectives, and it’s my promise that I’ll help you up your video game. Even the best people on camera can improve, and this isn’t about being ‘broadcast quality’. What it is about is getting the best out of you that we on the day.

How much does videography cost?

My standard videography day rate is £750 +VAT per day (plus travel costs where required), although naturally with this type of work there can be variables, depending on the scope of the project. The best way to get a quote for your project is to contact me directly and we can talk over everything.

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Examples of my work

I’ve shot and edited a whole bunch of videos over the last few years – here are a few examples for your viewing pleasure.


Need Filming for your Event?

I also work with clients on event video production and can help you with interviews, promotion and showreel videography.

My videography day rates apply as normal, but as location and editing requirements can vary, the best thing to do is book a call with me and we can chat through what you’re looking for.


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