Woah, Nelly!

Before we jump right in – quick question. You want help with video, but what flavour would you like?

Social Ready Video

Get your videos ready for social with our done-for-you editing service. We can help you increase your views and engagement with custom-designed templates and embedded titles and captions so your videos reach their maximum potential.

Costs start at just £99+VAT for 4 videos.


Events, talking heads, interviews, the whole shebang... if you want me to point a camera at stuff and do the directing thing, you'll want to go here.

Video Editing

Once I've filmed your stuff I'll chop it together and get all fancy with my computer. I can also take your pre-filmed footage and save you the hassle of editing.

Not sure where to start?

If overall you're feeling a bit lost with video and you want to arrange a chat – just get in touch!
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